scheda di "Mastroberardino Pier Giorgio"

PO = Professore Ordinario, PA = Professore Associato, RU = Ricercatore Universitario, AS = Assistente Ordinario, CV = Docente in regime convenzionale, CT = Docente a contratto, PE = Professore Emerito

Qualifica/ruolo: PA
Dip. di appartenenza: MeSVA
Curriculum vitae:
Incarichi e afferenze nel Dipartimento:
Sezione di appartenenza: Scienze Biologiche e Biotecnologiche
Delegato per l'Internazionalizzazione Area Scienze Biologiche
CV sintetico:

PGM laboratory tries to understand how changes in metabolism - for instance at the level of bioenergetics, redox balance, and iron homeostasis - connect to DNA damage accumulation and repair, and how these alterations contribute to age-related diseases. As indicated by PGM track record, in the past these fundamental biological problems have been investigated principally in the context of neurological diseases; this concept, however, are common to cell biology and pathology, and can be easily translated to cancer. In fact, PGM has recently developed a strong interest in cancer research, where he for instance applies his knowledge to understand tumor biology from the innovative and unusual perspective of cancer neuroscience, that is how connection with the nervous system may favor cancer progression.

Our studies, take advantage of multiple biological systems including cell cultures, zebrafish, and toxicological and genetic mammalian models to gather knowledge that we typically translate to humans, for instance in patients’ derived fibroblasts, iPS, and neurons.

PGM also holds a Global Executive Master degree in Business Administration (MBA) from the Rotterdam School of Management (RSM). He set up a new joint Master program, between the Erasmus Medical Center and RSM, focused on Medical Business and Innovation, which intends to educate a new class of professionals with academic background to operate in the business sector. Thanks to the MBA degree, PGM is also actively engaged in interactions with the private sector and valorization of scientific discoveries, and therefore technology transfer.

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