scheda di "Fattorini Simone"

PO = Professore Ordinario, PA = Professore Associato, RU = Ricercatore Universitario, AS = Assistente Ordinario, CV = Docente in regime convenzionale, CT = Docente a contratto, PE = Professore Emerito

Qualifica/ruolo: PA
Dip. di appartenenza: MeSVA
Curriculum vitae:
Incarichi e afferenze nel Dipartimento:
Sezione di appartenenza: Scienze Ambientali
Membro della Commissione Didattica paritetica
CV sintetico:

Simone Fattorini is included in the list of the Top Italian Scientists (

He obtained a master’s degree in Biological Science (summa cum laude, 1997) and a PhD in Animal Biology (2002) from Rome University “Sapienza”.

He teaches Ecology and Statistical Ecology at the University of L’Aquila, where he currently supervisor of undergraduate, graduate and PhD students.

He is Associate Editor of Journal of Biogeography, Diversity, Journal of Insect Biodiversity, and Biogeographia.

He served as a referee for more than 100 journals listed in WOS. He also acted as a project reviewer for the National Science Foundation USA, the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research – Earth and Life Sciences, and the National Science Centre Poland (of which he was also member of international panels).

He authored 157 publications indexed in WOS, as well as many book chapters, book reviews, etc. He also published a book on urban ecology and edited a book on insect ecology and conservation.

He has an H-index of 35 according to Google Scholar.

He is member of the IUCN Mid-Atlantic Island Invertebrates Specialist Group.

He was chairman and invited speaker at several international congresses.

He is member of various scientific societies and founding member of the Italian Lepidopterological Association.

His main research interests include: insect community ecology, conservation biology, urban ecology, macroecology, island biogeography, advanced statistical ecology, and history and philosophy of science.

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